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Who they are?

Carisuva is a company provider of unforgettable ecological adventures in Los Cabos Area. Based in Playa Migriño. Carisuva offers a wide range of unique adventure options. The support of a highly trained and committed team guarantees safe learning experiences that have been designed for anyone who wants to have fun exploring the natural environment found in Baja California

If you have ever dreamed of riding in Southern Baja, then Ride Baja Off-Road Motorcycle Adventures is awaiting you. They will take you through the desert, along the beautiful Pacific Ocean and Sea of Cortez, valleys, mountain terrain and waterfalls. We love what we do. Join us.

The views are spectacular and Southern Baja is the only tropical desert in the world!!! It will be a one of a kind adventure. And we are the only off road motorcycle adventure company in the Southern Baja.

Expedition experts, Carisuva brings the experience of getting In Touch with nature through a unique combination of adventure, contemplation and learning experiences about the abundance of Baja California natural wonders while exploring the untouched off-track path of Baja.

The Ranch: At Carisuva Ranch you will get to know a typical working farm in Baja, with the possibility of petting goats, horses and other animals while learning about the flora and fauna from the region.

Foundation: Carisuva Foundation is an ecological project that seeks to preserve Baja California's Ecological environment through education of visitors and local children.

Carisuva was founded by a group of young adventurers looking to bring innovative expeditions, exciting and unforgettable experiences, and helping natural environment conservation.

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